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New Version 3.4 (Feb. 2013)

NEW FEATURES INCLUDE: 5 different distribution pipe networks, a versatile "swing tie" reference point location menu , ability to modify the computer calculated chamber row elevations, compliant with the January 2011 Maine Rules and new HHE-200 form, design data now stored in DWG files.

SeptiCAD is a unique menu driven application that generates septic system cross-sections / plans in accordance with the State of Maine Subsurface Wastewater Diposal Rules (effective Jan. 2011). SeptiCAD can design: Stone Beds, Infiltrator Chambers, Infiltrator Quick4 Chambers, ADS BioDiffuser Chambers (Hi-Capacity and Bio2), ADS GEO-Flow Pipe, Eljen Geo-textile sand filters (aka In-Drains), Presby EnviroSeptic Pipe , Cluster 4' x 8' Concrete Chambers, and MoundBuster Pipe.

SeptiCAD requires either Bricscad® & non-LT AutoCAD®. © 2012 SeptiCAD